How To Unlock the Accursed Touch in Diablo IV?

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As more is discovered about Diablo IV's expansive skill system, whispers circulate of a unique ability known as the Accursed Touch

As more is discovered about Diablo IV's expansive skill system, whispers circulate of a unique ability known as the Accursed Touch. Rumor tells this skill can only be unlocked through a secret ritual involving dark sacrifices. Within lies my discovery of the path to claim the Accursed Touch's sinister powers for your character.


Gathering Ritual Ingredients

First, collect the ritual's grim components. Five tainted artifacts must be found, each resonating with damnation. Search Hell's furthest frontiers for these relics:

  • A Seraphim's charred wing, bearing cursed remnants of Heaven's fall
  • An Archdemon's fang, still dripping eldritch toxins
  • The heartstone of a cursed nephalem, long corrupted by shadow
  • A vial of tainted blood taken from one slain by the touch of evil
  • A shard of the Worldstone, source of ultimate corruption

Each relic item in Diablo 4 season 2 will prove a true test to obtain. But their dark energies combined will be enough to breach the Accursed Touch's arcane seal...

Preparing the Ritual Nexus

Once gathered, seek a remote and defiled place to serve as the ritual nexus - a barren field, forgotten crypt or plague wasteland. There, use the relics to inscribe a immense 20m summoning seal.

Within the seal, arrange five braziers and fuel them with blackest coal, oil and fat. Hang totems and fetishes made from bones, skins and nightshade around the perimeter. Adorn them with treasures like Diablo IV items or rare potions as Dark tribute. All is now prepared for the profane rite...



Initiating the Ritual

Stand within the seal carrying the ritualistic components. Invoke fell powers in their daemonic tongue as braziers ignite with rivers of ichor. Mid-incantation, the ground will quake and fissures split the earth.

From the faultlines a miasma of pestilence and decay arises. The corrupted artifacts resonate with a fell song, pulsing with an unholy rhythm. Keep chanting as a immense eldritch seal materializes within the summoning ring.

Finish the invocation demanding the secrets and items within be revealed to you. The arcane lock binding the Accursed Touch's power will crack, rending apart in a shower of vile sparks. It is now yours to master...

Learning the Dark Skill

With the secrets unveiled, you may now call upon and develop the Accursed Touch ability through intensive practice. Its effects spread plagues and nightmares with the barest caress. But take care - its use also threatens to curse your very soul.

Word may spread of your success, attracting dangerous entities seeking power. Stay vigilant, as becoming a vessel of pure corruption risks losing your humanity if you don't have great item in Diablo 4 season 2. Tread the path of shadow no farther than necessary, adventurer. Darkness oft corrupts even the noblest of souls.

A Caution for Others

Of course, attempting real rituals would be exceedingly reckless and ill-advised. My descriptions are meant as fictional speculative elements for Diablo IV items alone. Magical practices usually lead to ruin. I hope fans found this article an imaginative peek into possible gameplay rather than an endorsement of hazardous acts.

When the game releases, may your exploits in Diablo IV items remain safely confined to imagination and fun with friends. In reality, walk tall with virtue. Let fiction fuel excitement for Blizzard's next masterpiece - without endangering others or ourselves. Until then, stay redeemable adventurers! Onward to Sanctuary.